June All Five Newsletter

June All Five Newsletter

What has happened? 

Do you remember what it was like having a newborn; Enjoying their monthly milestones, and watching them grow?  

It has now officially been one year since All 5 opened its doors back up after closing due to COVID. Just like a newborn, month by month, we at All Five had to remaster, emerge and advance our skills to adapt to a “new” environment. The first month we learned to respond and adjust to a smaller group in an all-outdoor environment and observed how we could better meet their needs, all while enjoying laughter and play. The second and third months came, a few more students joined, teachers and students were more comfortable, and laughter and play continued to grow.  

At four months, an infant learns to grasp, reach for objects, and rolls over independently. Four months to our reopening, 24 students were attending All5. Respecting CDC guidelines, All Five decided to divide the children into two cohorts to provide the best learning while practicing healthy and safe procedures.  This was a big transition for many children. As the month passed, they realized we could still do the same things, just in different ways and with other friends, still knowing that maybe we would all be together again.  

Fast forward to June 2021, Director Carol’s dream is finally coming true! After having to halt the expansion of our school, we receive the news that construction would start soon! Not only that! We are now able to combine both cohorts and bring all the children together!  

With the excellent work from the teachers, children have transitioned wonderfully into a larger group, expressing how much they enjoy playing with new and old friends.  Day by day, we all continue to grow and learn from each other, making our yard more vibrant with more laughter and smiles.  

While parents wish their children could be newborns forever, one of the best things to do is look back to see how much their child has grown and how much they have grown as parents.  The same thing happens at All5, we look back to see how much we have grown, and we look forward to the coming years of growth and learning.