Week of 15 October 2019

Week of 15 October 2019#1


  • Children expressed their creating while exploring loose parts set up at the art table outside.
  • Vivian said, “I made a puppet! This is the hair.” Shaving cream art was a popular activity Teacher Kerry set up in the afternoon.


Week of 15 October 2019#3


  • Joshua said “I’m making a robot!” as he worked in the block area after nap one day. 
  • Lucy was very interested in bears and small blocks throughout the week.


Week of 15 October 2019 #4


Lucas and Aaron continue to share their passion for vehicles ramps and roads, often discussing their vehicles, ideas and learning to share as they play together. 


Week of 15 October 2019#2


Children were excited to experiment with musical instruments purchased by Teacher Kat with a grant she applied for and received for them. They practiced turn taking and looked happy as they struck keys freely, sometimes collaborating with another friend.


Week of 15 October 2019 #6


Teacher Patricia shares a book with BH children about how we can be a Super Friend, using our listening ears and words. After reading a book about feelings the day before, children volunteered to talk about a particular feeling. Sami stands by Teacher Kahdijah to explain a page about being scared.


We will continue exploring the theme of feelings next week.