West Pod May Newsletter

West Pod May Newsletter

Children continue to express great interest in bugs and insects. Responding to this, we have been reading many books about them. At circle time, we’ve featured mostly Eric Carle’s stories, like The Hungry Caterpillar, The Lonely Firefly, The Grouchy, The Very Clumsy Click Beetle and at times, when many children have requested them, we’ve read non-fiction books as well. Children seemed surprised to read that ladybugs had four wings! Children learned ladybugs had hard, shell-like outer wings that cover the transparent wings that they use to fly with. Together, we counted the wings in the illustration and indeed, there were 4.

Children show their curiosity by asking “What kind of insect is this?” when seeing plastic toy insects offered for inspiration at the art table or as elements for creative play. It is music to our ears to now often hear them declare, “I know, I’ll look for it in a book!” and watch them run to the library to refer to books.

1. Erick and friends are intrigued by a Bumble bee caught by Teachers and provided as a provocation at the art table. They sit at the table observing it, before helping to release it away from the playground. 

2. Elias compares the toy in his hand with a similar looking beetle in National Geographic Children’s Big Book of Bugs.

3. Harley reads about the body parts of insects in another reference book.

4. As Adriana makes cards to match insects, she intuitively builds on her sorting and classifying skills. 

Above: Children and teachers alike, have been happily surprised to discover how windy days provide more lift for bubbles to travel high and far. Many children enjoy both making and jumping to pop, while shouting and laughing in delight. 

Right: Children have been showing interest in taking care of plants around the playground. It is wonderful to see them learning to respect the environment.

Joshua and Laurel work together to water plants when they discover the watering can they filled was too heavy.

Below: Arabella displays initiative as she gets right to work building a castle, after arriving at school one morning. She shows she can be open to collaboration, as she continues when Amari says “I can help you!” and joins in building with her. Later, she welcomes Laurel when she expresses interest in  playing together with Arabella in her castle.

Happy Birthday to Arabella, who turned 5 in May!

What’s next: As always, questions from students inform our choices for our curriculum and materials that might interest them: Lucas-How can spiders walk with 8 legs? How can a spider stick on the webs without falling? Amari’s reply to the latter question-His legs are strong. 

Noticing more interest in letters and writing, we will be highlighting activities and songs that focus on letter recognition and phonics.