Working With Tools

Working With Tools

All Five

Week of September 28, 2020

Children continued showing interest in tools this week. As they used real tools like screwdrivers with screws, hammers and nails, they practiced their fine motor skills and eye hand coordination. The activities were popular so they sometimes had to ask for a turn and wait, practicing self regulation skills, as well.

Teacher Patricia asks the children about the picture of various tools on each page of the TOOLS book before asking who uses these tools? From tailor, carpenter to barber, children identified tools they recognized. Arabella taught friends the word “stethoscope” when the page about a doctor’s tools was introduced.

A group of children, and on another day, Elias and Erick work together to build vehicles.


A student’s  family offered to bring  caterpillars to school one day. The children observed them eating in the habitat and then they noticed that the caterpillars had turned into chrysalises. Over the weekend, Monarch butterflies emerged from the chrysalises and children were delighted to see them on Monday. One after another, they ran to tell a friend who’d just arrived, “Look! The caterpillars turned into butterflies! Children talked about the colors they saw, naming them one by one.

At circle time, children were excited when one butterfly flew out of the habitat and landed on Julian’s knee. He and his friends practiced great self regulation and self control by waiting patiently, watching it for several seconds as it sat there before taking flight into the sky.