West Pod- January Newsletter

West Pod- January Newsletter

Students have been very interested in building, often houses, but also castles and vehicles. It is exciting to watch them, as they gain spatial awareness and learn mathematical concepts like measuring, geometry and one to one correspondence when they use blocks and even found materials like bark and branches felled by the high winds one day. The self-led house project they developed on their “rocket ship” structure, by discussing and collaborating with each other, was definitely a highlight of the month.

Some of the dramatic play that ensued around their house was based on the story of The 3 Little Pigs, inspired by two versions read and acted out by the children at circle time.

The weather contributed to shaping activities. Teachers and Children took advantage of the opportunities that the wind brought, by flying kites and exploring interesting parts of trees on the playground.On rainy days, children learned how to put on their own rain suit and trips to the park were extra fun on the wet days, with the slides more slippery than usual. Needless to say, children were also delighted to splash in puddles!

Noticing a particular interest in numeracy, we offered various activities, like experimenting with a balancing scale, memory games with number recognition, more singing of the numeral song and building towers while counting how high we could balance the blocks. In addition to the fairy tale mentioned above, other books students enjoyed this month were Iggy Peck, Architect, Hop and Pop, Un Perro Con Sombrero, and The New Small Person, to name a few.