East Pod-January Newsletter

East Pod-January Newsletter

January was filled with many surprises from our weather, to small little critters around us, and having a special visit!  With so much activity there were many questions to be asked. 

What was happening? 

What happens when you have a shovel and some dirt? You dig! That is what children were precisely doing on the east pod yard. During their intensive digging, children were greeted by none other than a beetle!  As excitement grew, the children and teachers decided to keep the beetle as a pet and name it “slowy”. Finding the beetle called for more digging! They continued their search for more insects in the yard; in plant boxes, under tanbark and logs, and in the compost bin, we also decided to hunt for insects at the park. To our surprise, insects seemed to be hiding from the cold weather. 

Cold weather and strong winds did not stop A5 East Pod children from learning through play! They realized that when they keep dry with rain suits, they can still play outside and even go to the park. The rain only makes learning extra fun! 

This month we also had a special visit during lunchtime. A few of our friends were able to be seen by a dentist; this made others realize that a dentist visit can be quite fun and super fast! Now, children are even looking forward to the next visit. 

Circle Time: 

Did you know that all insects have three body parts and six legs? Well, children in the East Pod do! During circle time, not only did we read Eric Carle’s insect stories, but we also talked about different insects, what insects we would be, and which were our favorite.  Children critically thought about where insects live, what insects eat, and why they do the things they do!   

Home- School Connections

Open-Ended Questions/Conversations:

  • What is an insect? 
  • What makes an insect an insect? 
  • Where do insects live? 
  • What do insects live? 
  • What is your favorite insect? Why? 
  • If you could be any insect, what insect would you be? Why?