East Pod April Newsletter

East Pod April Newsletter

What was happening?

“To plant in a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”- Audrey Hepburn 

The month of April bloomed with interest in our garden! Gardening questions arose during our circle times;What is gardening, How do we plant,  What do we need to plant,  What can we plant,  What is in the dirt,  Why are worms in the dirt, Why do we need to garden?”

Along with the questions came the book The Curious Garden,a book about a young boy who lives in a city with no color, and with the start of a small patch of color creates a beautiful city full of color. “How did he do this?” All the questions ignited interest in adding seeds to one of our plant boxes.

Teacher Asha provided the students with extra soil, vegetable, and flower seeds. Together we went over the steps on how to garden appropriately, and the following day we reviewed how plants needed care.  While gardening, we were reminded that not only do plants need care, but so do we! 

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” was a book read this month to remind us that we are responsible for being kind to ourselves and others and helping ourselves and others feel good. “Helping, sharing, listening, playing together, using our words, taking turns” were ways that we were able to fill each other’s bucket this month.