East Pod March Newsletter

East Pod March Newsletter

What was happening? 

Animals, earth, and the weather were significant during March for East Pod!  

Most of the month was full of animal interest. The interest initiated from our manipulative table, children, enjoyed wooden blocks and toy animals at the table. Later in the week, the table evolved into a beautiful animal habitat that consisted of paper trees, paper grass, paper rivers and, paper fish! As we engaged in conversations about animal habitats, we began to talk about where these animals live, leading us to our subsequent interest. 

Earth! “Where do animals live? Where do we live? How many oceans are there?” These were all questions asked by the children that allowed us to focus on earth for about a week. Children learned that there are five oceans on earth, that the United States of America is our country, and that we all live in California. We also talked about how many of us and our families come from different countries! Just as the earth keeps moving, so did the children’s interest. Next was Lions! 

Our friend Gilad brought in a Lion book from home to share. The Lion book provided us with great information about lions. One of the most exciting facts that stood out to our class was that the female lion goes hunting for food, but the male lion is the first to eat it. How interesting! These lion facts geared the children to play with more toy animals, creating homes for them in the block and sand area. 

The month of March also came with unexpected weather! Rain, wind, and sunshine. We made the best of them all! The rain allowed us to enjoy new activities like painting with chalk out on the cement. The wind allowed us to fly a kite at the park.

Finally, the lovely hot weather allowed us to enjoy new sand materials like big diggers and new geometric water toys! 

East Pod imagination is always in rotation like our earth. We never know where we will be next!