Week of 23 September 2019

Interest in Bugs and Insects

The children really have been enjoying all the bugs and creatures they have been finding in and around our playground.  This has been a continuing interest and the teachers have been encouraging further learning by providing materials throughout the classroom to provoke even more thought, reflection and questions.

Friday was a particularly windy day and many leaves had fallen on the playground. Working together with Teacher Kat, the children helped rake the leaves and excitedly worked together to fill our wheelbarrows and push them to the compost bin.  While helping Teacher Gloria fill our compost bin, the children noticed some spiders and worms.  Teacher Kat helped the children put some of the creatures in a clear viewing bin, a ‘bug box’, so the children could take a closer look!

Some children were very excited to hold the bin and watch the spiders, who were especially fast!  Some children were not so sure, especially when the spiders started moving so quickly.  Some children shared their thoughts on the roles of the spiders; the larger spider was the ‘dad’ and the smaller spider was the ‘mom.’  Some thought the spiders were sleeping until they jumped and ran quickly through the box!  Some children wondered if the spiders and worms were friends or food to each other.

To extend the learning further while the children were so excited, Teacher Kahdijah brought the bug box into the circle time.  The box was passed around the circle and the children took turns sharing what they knew about the bugs.  They also took turns listening to what other children had to say.  After sharing knowledge, the children sang the song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Ariyah led the song in English, with a little help from her friend Autumn.  Grant then shared that he knew the song in Spanish, and he stood and sang the song for us.

We are looking forward to continuing our study of bugs and other small creatures.

– Teacher Helen