Marla Romero-Sosa

Family Director


Marla Romero-Sosa


Marla Romero-Sosa was born and raised on the Peninsula. Her family settles in the Redwood City, Belle Haven, and East Palo Alto communities. Marla has worked with youth, children, and families for over 15 years; her journey started with The Bill Wilson Center in San Jose working with minors on probation. This work was pivotal in supporting her understanding that a child’s success is primarily determined by their family system’s success. Marla believes her purpose is not only to address risk factors by supporting youth and children in making informed decisions but to develop genuine and safe relationships with their caregivers who she believes are doing their best to raise the new generation. Marla loves to spend time with her wife and their son during the weekend and takes care of self by resetting through self-reflection, reading, and acupuncture which are some of her favorite things to do. She practices gratitude and intentionality as a complement to her growth and opportunity to continue serving the All Five community, she believes in serving children through her work with families.

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