Our wonderful All Five teachers have made book readings available here for your children to enjoy anytime!

We invite you to connect with the All Five school to explore online learning resources, book readings available here for your children to enjoy anytime and access our resources for helpful advice on programs and activities you can do at home.

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Teacher Stephanie Reads “All Of Me!”

A story about a child who is very thankful for those very important things in his life. The young boy talks about how he is super thankful for his hands, feet, eyes, and ears.



Teacher Patricia reads “Henry’s Map”

A story about Henry and his adventure. The farm is a mess and he draws a map of where every animal is supposed to be. He follows the map to take him home indicating that everyone has a place where they belong.



Teacher Kat reads “Goodnight Moon”

A story about a rabbit’s routine before he goes to bed. Before his bedtime, the rabbit goes around the room and says goodnight to all of the items he sees.



Teacher Patricia reads “Leonardo The Terrible Monster”

A story about how Leonardo is a terrible monster. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to frighten anyone. He eventually ends up capable of scaring a little boy.



Teacher Patricia reads “What not to give your mom on Mother’s day”

A story about a little boy who offers advice on what NOT to give your mom on Mother’s Day.



Teacher Kat reads “Very hungry caterpillar”

A story about the life cycle of a caterpillar as it starts by coming out of its egg, all the way to becoming a butterfly. It teaches counting and days of the week.



Teacher Joy reads “Lots and Lots of Zebra Stripes”

A book that shows children a wide range of nature’s exquisite designs. This book allows children to find patterns everywhere around them.




Sing “Puff The Magic Dragon” With Teacher Kat



Sing “The Green Grass Goes All Around” With Teacher Kat



Sing “The ABC’s And Learn Them In Sign Language” With Teacher Kat



Sing “Rise & Shine/Alphabet Sounds” With Teacher Kat



Make A Paper Plane With Teacher Joy



Silkworm Observation With Teacher Joy