Learning At Home


Our wonderful All Five teachers have made book readings available here for your children to enjoy anytime!

Teacher Stephanie reads "All of Me!"

Teacher Patricia reads "Henry's Map"

Teacher Kat reads "Goodnight Moon"

Teacher Patricia reads "Leonardo the Terrible Monster"

Teacher Patricia reads "What Not to Give Your Mom on Mother's Day"

Teacher Kat reads "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

Teacher Joy reads "Patterns"

We are fortunate to have Teacher Kat bring her musical talents to our All Five classroom every day! She’s created singalong videos for children to enjoy circle time songs at home, too.

Sing "Puff The Magic Dragon" with Teacher Kat

Sing "The Green Grass Goes All Around" with Teacher Kat

Sing "The ABC's" and learn them in sign language with Teacher Kat

Sing "Rise & Shine/Alphabet Sounds" with Teacher Kat

Make a paper airplane with Teacher Joy

Silkworm Observation with Teacher Joy

Spanish English