Week of 7 October 2019

 Week of 7 October 2019 

Children were engaged and interested in many activities, both indoors and outdoors last week. They enjoyed trips to the park, with the older, RLO circle group going on Monday and the BH group going on Wednesday.


Some children enjoyed cooking pumpkin soup for family café on Wednesday. An afternoon, fine motor activity working with screws, drivers and wood, prepared by Teachers Kerry and Stephanie was very popular every day.

We saw continued interest in bugs. As children searched for them in the garden, explored dramatic play with them in the block area and sorting activities. 

BH circle sang the Eency Weency Spider song, following a book with many versions. The children participated in the felt story, adding props to the board as Teacher Kat led the song. They commented on their observations of photos depicting real spiders, like Jumping Spiders and Daddy Long Legs. 

RLO circle read a favorite African Folktale, Anansi the Spider. Children were riveted in the story illustrated with simple graphics. After reading it every day, they acted out the story, with Sami as Anasi and his friends playing his sons and other characters. They laughed and enjoyed pretending as they re-told their lines. 

Teachers have observed children learning to express emotions, big and small. Next week we plan to delve into this new theme of “Our Feelings.”